First Look: Preschool Bible Story Video

Zip for Kids: Preschool mirrors the same Bible content provided for older kids. And just like Zip for Kids, the preschool component gives teachers options for ways to tell the Bible story each day. One of those options is video.

There are ten Bible Story videos included in Zip for Kids: Preschool, five for the Old Testament and five for New Testament. Each video is stylistically different, giving the teacher variety and flexibility in choosing how to present the Bible story. Check out this example of one of the preschool Bible story videos. Let us know what you think!

Want to see more? Click HERE to see a sample children’s Bible story video.

Zip Tip: Arrival


Looking for a fun way to give kids a camp experience from the moment they arrive?

Here are a few tips to make arrival and check-in as smooth and as fun as possible:
1. Do as much before the event as possible.
Pass out any release forms or other paperwork to parents before camp begins. If possible, have parents turn them in two weeks prior to the event. If not, have as many turn them in as possible and have a table setup so parents can finish paperwork when they are checking in their child.
2. Play games!
As soon as kids exit their car or get inside the building, send their parents to check in while the child plays welcome games with another adult volunteer. These games should be group games that are easy to join at any time – circle games and water balloon tossing games are always a hit for arriving. ((Have multiple game stations. Dependent upon how many children are attending, you may want to have one group per age group or even divide age groups. The ideal size is 10-15 for arrival games).
3. Plan, plan, plan. 
Plan arrival carefully and train your leaders in what they will do so that every detail goes smoothly.

Zip Terms—Large Group

Zip-TipsWhat exactly do we mean when we say, “Large Group?” What is an Energizer or a Huddle Up? Are we talking sports lingo? Not exactly.

Here’s the quick run down:

Large Group—Platform-driven Bible study and/or worship experience guided by one leader or a platform team and supported by “Huddle Up” leaders. Each Large Group plan includes the following components from which to choose

  • Energizers—Introductory activities to get the Large Group time started
  • Huddle Ups—Application or relational activities led by Huddle Up leaders
  • Get the Points—Object lessons to illustrate the Point for the day
  • Crowd Games— High-energy games designed to involve every child

Zip Track of the Week: Indoor Games

ZipTRACKSWhat do balloons, balls, bandannas, and boardgames all have in common? (besides starting with the letter B) That’s right you will find fun group games using all of them in the Indoor Games track. Indoor Games is a track time for large group games to be played indoors. This track can be offered as a stand alone track time or can be used to pull out on those rainy days when kids can’t participate in an outdoor track. Indoor Games still have application to the biblical concepts being presented and include debriefs for each session.

Zip Tips for Indoor Games

  • Be prepared to stop and switch activities quickly as kids lose interest in a game.
  • Select games that fit your facility and kids.
  • Allow kids to play favorite games more than once or several times throughout your event.
  • Look for ways to challenge older kids while helping younger kids feel successful.

How much curriculum is included in Zip for Kids?



Zip for Kids has a few suggestions for what you could do with 116 hours… 
I know it’s hard to believe, but housed within the four boxes that we call Zip for Kids, there are 116 hours worth of planned activities and Bible learning for kids. That’s a lot of time!

You have the freedom to mix and match with Zip for Kids. Pick the activities that you like, the schedule that you want, and the components that work for your kids and your event. Whatever it is you are looking for, Zip for Kids has it covered. After all, there’s enough curriculum to fill 116 hours!!

That’s enough plans to cover Monday morning at 8am to Saturday morning at 3am without stopping! We’ve heard from churches using Zip for Kids as their Wednesday night plan for the summer, their plan for a summer of terrific Tuesdays, their overnight camp paired with a week of day camp, day camp over a couple of weeks, or even something that they are going to take with them on mission trips. The 116 hours includes preschool, media, essentials, and tracks. Get a free preview of this HUGE resource by clicking here and putting in your email address in the box at the bottom of the page.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about Zip for Kids and how it might fit in your mix for summer. Comment and tell us how you plan to use Zip for Kids or leave us your questions!


How Do YOU Tell a Bible Story?

The Bible content for Zip for Kids 2014 focuses on five attributes of God—God is loving, eternal, omnipresent, faithful, and trustworthy. Each attribute is illustrated through an Old Testament example and a New Testament example. Every single element of a Zip for Kids event (Bible study, worship, track times, etc.) ties back to these 10 Bible stories.

So how do you want to introduce kids to these 10 amazing Bible stories? Do you want to present the Bible story during large group? Small group? Both? No problem! We’ve given you 3 completely different options for every single Bible story in Zip.

  • Storyteller—traditional, master storyteller approach using kid-friendly language
  • Skit—modern-day vignette featuring two characters who tell the story through the course of their interactions
  • Videovideo presentation using a variety of approaches including animation, child re-enactment, dramatic portrayals, and storytelling (script is different from the skit)

Pick your favorite method. Pick a different method every day. Use one in large group and one in small group. It’s totally up to you!

Zip is all about customization… it’s about giving you options to build an event that is uniquely suited to the needs of your community and the resources of your church.  Zip for Kids gives you tons of choices, to let you customize your large group times and small group Bible studies and make them exactly the way you want them… right down to the very last detail!

First Look: Zip for Kids™ Bible Story Video!

Summer is approaching and we are so excited to see how you are going to use Zip for Kids™  to reach your community!  We’ve already given you a sneak peak at the music and details about the Bible content, both Old Testament and New Testament. Today, we’re happy to give you a first look at one of the Bible Story videos from the New Testament.  

God Is Omnipresent – His Presence Is Everywhere
Jesus Helped Peter (Matthew 14:22-33)

There are ten Bible Story videos included in Zip for Kids™ Essentials, five for the Old Testament and five for New Testament.  Let us know what you think!

Zip Track of the Week: Percussion

ZipTRACKSDoes your church have a live band each week that includes a drummer? Is there someone in your church who is truly gifted at percussion instruments?

What a great opportunity to encourage them to build relationships with kids around common interests by teaching percussion at Zip for Kids! Percussion includes 5 days of 1 hour plans to let kids use their hands, feet, rhythm sticks, rec equipment, and more to make beats and learn about musicality.

The Percussion track includes a performance aspect, as kids perform to a song that is included in the track by creating the rhythm. Help kids learn about music and love Zip for Kids while building discipleship relationships as they learn about something that they are interested in and look up to their teacher as a role model.

Check out the percussion in the Zip for Kids Tracks here:

You also can get the percussion track a la carte here:

Zip Tip: Standing in Line


Do you often find yourself standing in line with your kids, waiting to change rotations at VBS, to get into the fellowship hall for snack time on a Wednesday night, or to use a room that was being used the hour before and is still wrapping up? With all the different schedule options written into Zip for Kids, you may occasionally find yourself standing in line during Zip as well!

What can you do to keep kids quiet, non-disruptive, and still having fun?

1. Ask them to tell you the words to a Bible verse you’re memorizing as a class. Have each kid say one word, moving down the line, or have two compete to see who can say it the fastest, the slowest or with the best underwater or wrestler voice.

2. Keep some review questions about that day’s lesson, or previous days’ lessons tucked in your back pocket. You can whip those out and see what your kids have learned.

3. Ask kids questions about their lives. Maybe everyone in line can tell you their favorite movie, hobby, or snack. Time getting to know your kids is always valuable!

4. Have kids show you their craziest or most unknown talent.

5. For older kids, read up on some mind benders or riddles you can let them solve as a group or in teams. That was one of my favorite bus games as a teen.

What other ideas do you have to keep kids occupied while standing in line or waiting in some other setting? Let us know in the comments!

Zip Track of the Week: Kitchen Concoctions

ZipTRACKSKids in the kitchen! Sound like your idea of a good time? Well, the Zip Track, Kitchen Concoctions is where it’s at. Kids love to mix, stir, pour, and eat, so why not combine those passions with the biblical truths they are learning in Bible study? Yep, you guessed it, we here at LifeWay Kids have taken care of connecting all those awesome biblical concepts to fun in the kitchen. Even if you don’t have a large kitchen at your church or any kitchen at all, you can still offer this track to you budding chefs.

Kitchen Concoctions supplies lessons for easy to make recipes and activities using small items such as blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens, and so forth. Kids will love the basics of working in the kitchen such as learning how to measure dry and liquid ingredients.

Zip Tips for Cooking with Kids

  •  Enlist several assistants! Things will go much easier if one teacher is able to work with a small group of kids at a time.
  •  Place kids in small groups. Give each group a tray with ingredients and utensils. This way everything will be ready and kids won’t waste time hunting for the necessary materials.
  •  Make a large poster for each recipe you choose showing the ingredients and utensils that will be used. Explain the recipe to the kids before you begin. Use the poster to talk through each step of the recipe. Go over each ingredient and explain words like “spread” and “blend.”
  •  Consider compiling the recipes into a Recipe Book for each child to take home. They could add pictures or favorite memories made during track time.