Zip Tip: Finding Printable Resources

When thumbing through the session booklets you’ll notice that some activities call for specific printable (or projectable) resources. These may be things like scripts for the Bible story skits, review questions, Powerpoint slides, or helps for sharing the gospel. To access any of these resources, simply pop the DVD-ROM included in the Administrative Helps folder into your computer. (Note: Your computer must have a DVD-ROM drive to open the files. A CD-ROM drive alone will not be able to access the disc.)

The disc may launch automatically to play the Bible Story Videos located on the DVD. If so, no problem. Simply close the DVD player and navigate to the ROM portion of the disc by opening the root directory. From there click on the “Admin_Tools” folder.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.04.12 AM

You’ll see two options, one for Administrative Helps (forms, schedules, etc.) and one for Teaching Helps. Click on “Teaching Helps” and you’ll see the entire list of printable and projectable resources called for in every session. Simply find the right session and file name to match the item you need.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.26.32 AM

Even EASIER… use the Session Builder discs to plan your sessions & let them do all the work for you! When you use a Session Builder disc to create a customized teaching plan, any printable or projectable resources called for in the activities you selected will automatically be saved in the same location as your teaching plan. How easy is that?!

Create a Fall Break Event in a Zip!

What kind of fall break do the kids in your ministry have? Are they out of school two days, a long weekend, a week, or more? This is a great time to minister to families by providing an event that engages kids during their down time. And don’t forgot what a blessing you will be to families who struggle with short-term child care during these longer school breaks.

Zip for Kids™: Essentials allows you to custom design large group (platform driven) times and/or small group times. From high-energy excitement to worship times to focused Bible study, you select exactly what works for you. After you export your custom designed sessions, you can add your own creative elements before delivering the final product to your teachers.

Zip for Kids: Media and Zip for Kids: Tracks can enhance your event or extend it into a full day of fun for kids.

And after fall break, keep your Zip for Kids resources handy. There will be plenty of ideas left to fill other squares when you need to quickly plan “something for the kids.”

With Zip for Kids, you can zip it up in a flash!

Zip Tip- Recruiting Leaders

bethany1Recruiting leaders. It’s that thing that makes your stomach churn and your jaw get tense. You want to get good, godly people to be involved in your kids’ lives, but you don’t want to have to twist anyone’s arm to do it. Here are some tips for recruiting leaders for Zip for Kids.

1. Pray- ask God to reveal to you the people He wants involved with Zip.

2. Watch- keep your eyes peeled for the gifts and skills church members have and look for ways to include them through the tracks you choose to make a part of Zip.

3. Seek out people individually. Group appeals allow people to assume someone else will volunteer. Go to the person you think would fill a role well personally instead and ask for their help.

Got more recruitment tips? Let us know in the comments!

Zip Tip: Preschool Terms

Zip-TipsFor those of you using Zip for Preschool, you will want to familiarize yourself with a few terms. So here’s a short description of what we mean when we use the terms Large Group and Small Group for preschool:

  • Large Group—all preschoolers together to hear the Bible story. The story may be shown via video or you may tell the story in a creative way to the preschoolers. Games and activities to review the Bible story and emphasize The Point for each session are included.
  • Small Group—groups of 8-10 preschoolers which provide opportunities for kids to be more involved and share what they are learning. The small-group activities are easy-to-do and require little set-up or preparation.


Zip Tip: If your are anticipating a large number of preschoolers, don’t worry about the large and small group distinctions in the Learn It activities. All of the activities may be done in groups!

A Zip Snapshot

Cornerstone Church in Cheshire CT has taken to heart one of the central goals of Zip for Kids to be completely customizable.

Neisa Nuñez, who with her husband Freddy leads the Cornerstone kids ministry, started using Zip with the church’s kids in April. Cornerstone was starting a mid-week program, Faith Factory Kids Club, to mirror its Faith Factory children’s church ministry, when Neisa learned about Zip. She says it has fit their need for something customizable.

“We only had a window of an hour and a half and Zip seems to offer so many options to fit into that time frame,” she said.

Zip’s many tracks made it an interesting option for Neisa. The church offers Kitchen Concoctions, Sign Language, Art, Percussion and Musical Performance.

Musicians make noise at the Percussion track.

Musicians make noise in the Percussion track.


In all, the program will last 10 weeks at Cornerstone, every Wednesday night from 6:30-8 with an average attendance of 27 children each week.

“The kids are excited about Zip and look forward to it every week,” Neisa said.  “Upon arrival we do one Energizer, a Huddle (Up), the Bible lesson (via DVD) and then we break up into tracks. We come back together again for worship and then we do the drive it in activity. Afterwards, I give out the quiet time card from the Live It track pertaining to that week’s lesson. I like for them all to go home with something to read.”


A Huddle Up activity at Cornerstone.

A Huddle Up activity at Cornerstone.

Neisa said she’s seen teachers have fun with Zip, especially on the Art and Kitchen Concoctions projects. She has enjoyed it herself.


Yummy things are mixed up at Kitchen Concoctions.

Yummy things are mixed up at Kitchen Concoctions.

“I have enjoyed Zip very much,” Neisa said. “I like that there is the option for the Bible lesson to be done on video because kids really love that kind of stuff. I also love all of the different tracks you offer and all the activities within one Bible lesson allowing us the opportunity to use it multiple times without it seeming repetitive.”


Beautiful creations emerge in the Art track.

Beautiful creations emerge in the Art track.


How are you using Zip for Kids to fit your unique church situation? Let us know in the comments or email and we might just feature you on the Zip for Kids blog too!

Zip Tip: Planning for Preschool

ZipPRESCHOOLDid you know that the Zip line of curriculum includes a preschool component? Do you have preschoolers that need to be engaged during the Summer, on Wednesday night, or just about any other time? Check out Zip for Preschool. It just might be the answer to all life’s problems! (well, maybe not, but it will definitely be a start)

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot. For more details be sure to check out Zip Preschool.

  • Determine your Target Group—how many kids will you have at Zip? What ages will you plan for?
  • Set your Schedule—determine the length of your event. Break down the schedule according to your kids’ interests, leaders’ abilities, and available resources.
  • Plan your Tracks—look around your church at the gifts and talents of your adults. Enlist adults or even older teens to lead tracks. Be sure to enlist assistant teachers.
  • Plan your Bible Study—decide if you will use the Old Testament stories, New Testament stories, or both. Determine if you will teach the opening and closing portions of each session.
  • Gather your supplies—post lists of needed items. Plan to purchase items that cannot be donated or borrowed from church members or the community.

Are you ready to engage the preschoolers in your zip code? We would love to hear how you plan to use Zip for Preschool, share your comments and ideas with us here.

Zip For Kids: Media winner and an Opportunity

bethany1I’m so excited to announce our winner of the Zip for Kids: Media giveaway! Rhonda R. I hope you enjoy the Media package we’re sending you! But most of all I pray it helps you serve kids well this summer.

How about you? How do you plan on serving kids this summer?

If your answer is, with Zip For Kids, then I want to know about it! There are so many different customized ways Zip can be used, depending on your situation, your needs, and your community, that we want to hear about how you’re using it!

Let me know how you plan on using Zip this summer, and I might just follow up with you about your experience for some blog posts later this summer! (Ok I said might but I pretty much definitely will!)

Send your plans, or tell me about experiences you’ve already had at If your Zip event is already over, I’d love to see some pictures!

I’m so looking forward to hearing how you’re serving your community this summer with or without Zip. Let us know in the comments!

Zip For Kids: Media and a BIG Giveaway!

photo 2

I’m always amazed at how my kids eat up media content during a lesson. Whether it’s a retelling of the Bible story or a fun application video, something about seeing the point of the lesson in another way really helps kids connect.

The videos in the Zip For Kids: Media are intended to do just that. We want to see your kids connect with who God is in as many ways as possible. The videos complement the material teachers will be teaching in small groups and large. Or a teacher can use the Bible story video to tell the story, then follow it up with group activities.

As kids hear the truth from multiple sources, our hope is that they will connect with it in new ways.

That’s why I’m excited to say that today we’re giving away a Zip For Kids: Media package! Zip For Kids: Media retails for $50, so I’m really excited to give one away! Enter below and tell us how you would use Zip For Kids: Media if you win! The contest will be open until next Wednesday, May 29, and we’ll announce the winner on Thursday, May 30! Enjoy!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Help! He’s On the Wrong Track

Zip-TipsThere’s always that one child sitting with arms crossed and that “you can’t make me” look on his face. This track wasn’t his first choice, possibly it was not even his second or third choice. But here you are face to face, what do you do? Don’t worry this can be redeemed and all is not lost. Use these tips to engage all the kids in your track time.

  • Acknowledge the child’s disappointment if this was not his first choice. It’s okay to be disappointed, but don’t let him camp out there. This track may not have been his first choice, but he can choose how his attitude will affect the rest of his week.
  • Reassure the kids that they will have fun and learn something new. It’s okay if they don’t know everything about cooking, sign language, or even wood working, that’s what they are here to experience.
  • Learn kids’ names quickly and use them often. Kids will now you value them and are interested in them as a person if you know their names. Call a child’s name to pull him into the conversation or to compliment him on something he is doing well.
  • Ask kids to turn and share something with a partner. It could be the answer to a question, their favorite color, or just a hello. This will help kids get to know and engage with one another.

What are some of your favorite tips for engaging kids?

Zip Tip: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Excited


1. Be excited! Kids will take on your excitement level, but normally only at about half. This means that you will have to be over-the-top in your communication of excitement over what you are teaching or doing. Seek to have energy in your voice and in your body language. If you are doing an activity, play along and enjoy it!

2. Ask questions. Interact with kids throughout the day, not just during activities. Ask them how they would feel if they were present in the Bible story or how they can live more like Jesus based on the passage.

3. Get kids moving. Lecture-style teaching doesn’t work for kids. Their attention span is about their age… in minutes. For a seven-year-old, that is only seven minutes! Create stations, play games that teach concepts, and use interactive teaching techniques to communicate a concept. Luckily, Zip for Kids is already built for you.

4. Remind them of what is coming. Give them specific things to look forward to during the day or during your time with Zip (or other curriculum lines). They are more likely to be engaged and excited when they know that there are tons of exciting elements to experience throughout their time at Zip.

5. This is my favorite quick and easy way to renew excitement in kids. When you see kids getting the glazed over, not-really-paying-attention-anymore look, exclaim, “TEN SECOND SILENT PARTY!” Guide kids to get up and move around, dance, jump, and pretend to scream for ten seconds as you countdown. Remind them that they will sit back down in their spots when you reach one.

Most of all, just have fun. Love on kids and seek to engage with them in meaningful conversation as often as possible. Be a kid’s biggest fan!